Thriller Book Review: Femlandia by Christina Dalcher

Thriller Book Review

Christina Dalcher 
Publication Date: Oct 19, 2021
Publisher: Berkley Books
Genres: Thriller

Okay, for starters, let me make something clear. I read this as a nonbinary/femme in a female-led relationship. I firmly believe in the principles of female domination and female leadership, and I believe a community by women for women could be wonderful place. You'd think I'm the perfect audience for this.

That said, I struggled with the fact that every single man we meet in the first third Femlandia is a monster or a creep. To a man, they're violent and cruel and selfish, either animal-like rapists and murders or cowardly suicides, the very worst examples of their gender.

At the same time, I was getting a really bad feeling about these Femlandia communes, misogynistic sanctuaries by man-hating women for man-hating women. I'm not saying it's the author's bias or opinion, as I know nothing about her, but Femlanida itself is super TERF-y.

"Sister Jen has a strong preference against anything with a dick."

"I need to satisfy myself that you were always a woman."

"They can identify as a fucking hedgehog for all I care. I'm talking about what they are. Not what they think they are or what they want to be."

That was at 34%, and that's where I gave up. I'm sure there's twists to come, revelations that may define some kind of theme or meaning, but this is either a celebration of the kind of TERFs I want nothing to do with, or a condemnation of feminism itself, which is hardly more appealing.

If I gave a damn about a single character, I might have kept reading . . . but given how little I enjoyed this, I doubt it.

Rating: ♀

My sincere thanks to the publisher for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.