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Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes physical books bought, digital books downloaded, and those titles received for review.

Review Titles

One new review title this week, courtesy of Harper Voyager.

STARLIGHT ENCLAVE by R.A. Salvatore marks my first visit to the Forgotten Realms in about a decade, but I read about what Salvatore is doing with the racial profiling of the Drow and I'm intrigued...

From New York Times bestselling author R. A. Salvatore comes a new trilogy and adventure of Drizzt and fantasy’s beloved characters from Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms.

After the settling dust of the demon uprising and two years of peace, rumblings from the Menzoberranzan drow have Jarlaxle nervous. Worried his allies may be pulled into a Civil War between the great Houses, he is eager to ensure Zaknafein is armed with weapons befitting his skill, including one in particular: Khazid’hea. A powerful artifact, the sword known as “Cutter” has started wars, corrupted its users, and spilled the blood of many, many people. Nonetheless—or maybe because of that—the rogue Jarlaxle and a small group of friends will go on an expedition looking for the weapon’s last wielder, Doum’wielle, in the freezing north, for she may be the key to unlocking the sword’s potential…and perhaps the key to preventing the bloodshed looming over the Underdark.

And as they explore the top of the world, Drizzt is on a journey of his own—both spiritual and physical. He wants to introduce his daughter Brie to Grandmaster Kane and the practices that have been so central to his beliefs. But, having only recently come back from true transcendence, the drow ranger is no longer sure what his beliefs mean anymore. He is on a path to determining the future, not just for his family, but perhaps the entire northlands of the Realms themselves.

Two different roads. On one, Jarlaxle and Zaknefein are on a quest to find pieces that could offer salvation to Menzoberranzan. On the other, Drizzt seeks answers that could offer salvation to not just his soul, but all souls.

And no matter the outcome of either journey, the Realms will never be the same again.

Releases August 3, 2021

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

We've entered Stage 3 of our Covid reopening, which means I got to physically step foot inside a used bookstore for the first time in a year . . . and I didn't leave empty-handed.

Jerlayne by Lynn Abbey snagged my attention with its take on elves, Faerie, and family.

The Last Dragonlord & Dragon and Phoenix by Joanne Bertin are the first 2 books of a trilogy about immortal weredragons, the threat of civil war, and an evil princess.

The Dreaming Tree by C.J. Cherryh collects her duology about a newly awakened evil, haunted weapons, and the silvery heart of Ealdwood.

The Far Kingdoms, Kingdoms of the Night, and The Warrior Returns by Allan Cole & Chris Bunch are 3 of the 4 books of the Far Kingdoms, a place of wonders, riches, magic, and terrors.

Servant of the Dragon by David Drake is the book I went searching for, having finished the 2nd book of Lord of the Isles while on vacation.

The Light Bearer by Donna Gillespie is a massive doorstopper of a book about Auriane, warrior, priestess, and threat to the powers of ancient Rome.

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

No digital downloads this week...


  1. I have yet to step inside a bookstore, but I will soon I hope. Enjoy all your new books😁

  2. I really like the DragonLord series. I wish my visits to used books stores were as good as this. Happy reading.

  3. Nice, I miss going to used bookstores. Things have actually been open around here for months, but the one indie bookstore in my town wasn't able to survive the pandemic and was forced to closed for good back in January :(

    1. Yeah, we lost a couple to the pandemic as well, with another that shifted to an online-only model, but there still are a few physical stores in the area.


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