Erotica Book Review: Desires After Dark by MJ Williamz

Erotica  Book Review

Desires After Dark
MJ Williamz
Publication Date: June 15, 2021
Genres: Erotica
ShelvesFemale-author, Female-dominant

I liked a lot of Desires After Dark. There are some wonderful characters, a fantastic butch/femme dynamic, neat little details of vampire mythology, and plenty of exquisite scenes of sapphic erotica, including more than a few erotic threesomes. MJ Williamz has an easy, comfortable narrative style that keeps the story flowing, and the dialogue had just enough flair to 'hear' the accents and get a taste for the culture of Alex and Shantay's lovers.

Speaking of taste, the erotica here is very oral, and I loved the unabashed appreciation for the taste of a woman, for the act of worshiping a woman, and for the unselfish focus on a lover's pleasure. Yes, there were plenty of fingers and toys involved, but where it felt most erotic, most personal, most intimate was in those moments of oral delight.

As I said, I liked a lot about this, but there are also some significant aspects that either gave me pause or just fell flat. Williamz tries hard to inject some dramatic tension into the story, placing various threats before Alex, but she never follows through on them. More than once, territorial vampire covens come into play, posing enough of a threat for Alex to be frightened, but nothing ever happens. There's a story thread about a lover who may also be a vampire hunter, which had a lot of potential, but beyond an aborted confrontation, nothing comes of it. And then there's the question of the sexy voodoo priestess who seems to sense something of Alex's truth, and that had potential too, but all it comes to is a throwaway scene of accusation near the end. Tension and conflict are good, they can help to give a story depth, but they have to have a purpose . . . they have to be leading somewhere . . . and there has to be a payoff in terms of resolution.

A fantastic piece of sapphic romance and lesbian erotica, Desires After Dark could have worked very well without trying to force the drama, and could have been superb if it had focused on just one threat, and then saw it through to climax. I liked the read, and I enjoyed the soft Domme/sub dynamic between Alex and Shantay, but the way the story floundered in the second half left me unfulfilled.

Rating: ♀ ♀ 

My sincere thanks to the publisher for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.