Running Into (or, rather, over) a Pause in Digital Reading...

Did you ever have one of those mornings? I couldn't find my Kobo last night, and while I knew it would turn up, the driveway is not where I expected to find it. It apparently fell out of my pocket when I was getting into the car yesterday. How do I know it happened while I was getting in, and not out? Well, because, as you can see, it got run over as I was leaving . . . or maybe coming home . . . or possibly both.

Physically, it held up well. Aside from the dirt and scuff marks, it actually doesn't look that bad. Internally, however, is a whole other matter. It's dead. It's a brick. It's reached the final chapter and turned its last page.

That means, of course, my reading plans for the next month (at the very least) are in serious disarray. I can't afford to replace the Kobo at the moment, my eyes can't handle the strain of reading on my phone, and there's no comfortable way to read on my laptop.

So, to make a long story short, if I don't have a paperback or hardcover in hand, then I'm afraid nothing's getting read, at least not for the next little while. I'll review what I can, and keep you all up to date on the situation, but I'm afraid digital reading is on pause for the moment.