Erotic Romance Book Review: I Wish You Were by Mariah Kingsley

Erotic Romance Book Review

I Wish You Were
Author: Mariah Kingsley
Publication Date: Dec 30 2020
Publisher: Mariah Kingsley Production
Genres: Erotic Romance
ShelvesFemale-authored, Female-fronted

Even for a book that I was already excited about, I Wish You Were was a fabulous read that surprised me at every turn. Mariah Kingsley opens with what seems like a slow-burn romance before dipping into some kinky polyamorous erotica, only to slide into a violent crime thriller before realizing the romance.

“Honestly, she isn’t aware I’m seeing her either. She will be in a few weeks, but for now, only I know it.”

That, right there, is the essence of Ty Howard. She's a wealthy, powerful businesswoman, confident to the point of arrogance, and yet she's irresistible, not insufferable. From the moment she lays eyes on Sierra Brooks, she decides the other woman be hers, even though Sierra has never had feelings for another woman and flees in a panic. Ty doesn't stalk her, she doesn't pressure her, she just bides her time and waits for her moment, never questioning that it will come.

As for Sierra, she's sweet and vulnerable, confused by her feelings, and stressed out about what (if anything) to do about the situation. She dives deeper into the dating pool to distract herself, and that brings her to the notice of Davis Popov, a violent man who doesn't take kindly to being rejected. He's half responsible for pushing the story into the thriller territory, but secrets about Ty and her family play their own role, pushing back against him to save Sierra.

She could have told me I was gay. She could have told me I wanted her as much as she wanted me, but instead, she showed me. Boy, did she show me.

The romance here is wonderful, even with that arrogance and seeming imbalance of emotion. The shared friendship of Lisa helps bring the would-be-lover together, and their dynamic is delightful. The family surrounding the couple is fun as well, especially Sierra's parents and how they react to Ty's wealth, and those comic elements are a wonderful balance for the violence.

I Wish You Were is everything I expected and something entirely different at the same time. It's the women who make this work, an unorthodox romance that works on all levels. 

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2

My sincere thanks to the author for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.