Erotica Book Reviews: Sunday Smutday #3

Erotica Book Reviews

Sunday Smutday is where we get naughty, nasty, and NSFW between the covers. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then you should most definitely stop reading now.

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Author: Lyka Bloom
Publication Date: November 11, 2019
Protagonist Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kink/Fetish: Femdom, Feminization

The Pink Room is one of those stories that just goes straight to your heart, making it soar with shared joy as it speaks to desires within us. , either reminding us of better times or promising better times ahead. Yes, what Lyka Bloom has written here is undeniably kinky, featuring female domination and illicit seduction, but it is also wonderfully sweet, with feminization leading to self-discovery.

I love how we're teased with details about Elena long before we ever meet her, with her sister and her parents building this dark, edgy, possibly dangerous reputation for her. When we do finally meet her, she proves to be as naturally dominant as she is beautiful, and the way she literally sweeps Rob off his feet is exciting to witness. He is helpless before her, and the guilt and shame he feels over that sense of submission is genuine.

As for the feminization, that is beautifully done! It is not a punishment or a humiliation, but an indulgence of his deepest desires, leading him to a self-awareness about himself that changes everything. His happiness just shines off the page, and if you are not smiling with him by the end, then I worry for your own heart because The Pink Room (and everything in it) is beautiful.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2

Title: Bimbo
Sexy blonde feminized bimbo laying in bed
Author: Nikki S. Jenkins
Publication Date:October 30, 2019
Protagonist Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kink/Fetish: Femdom, Feminizaton, Hypnosis

Bimbo is just full of naughty surprises, all beginning with Chris Price, a driven young man who is obsessing over his college studies to the exclusion of any sort of personal life, all in preparation for taking over his deceased father's company. When he heads home for spring break, however, he discovers that his cold, cruel stepmother has different plans - she expects him to start low and work his way up.

It is when he returns home for Christmas that things start becoming odd. His stepmother is dressed like a porn star, smiling, acting friendly, and even getting along with his sister, Olivia. What is even more odd is the fact Olivia is 'policing' her stepmother's behavior - all part of a public relations shift at the family company, they assure him. What sends him reeling, though, is the sight of his stepmother being intimate with Olivia later that night.

All of that, of course, is just set up as Nikki S. Jenkins establishes the characters, defines the situation, and plants the hints and teases for what is to come when Chris finally graduates and takes his place in the family business . . . as a secretary. The feminization and mind control aspects of the story are slow and subtle, beautifully conveyed by Chris' increasingly fragile emotional state, long before we begin to see any physical evidence. Once the story moves into full-on bimbofication, there is a glorious progression in the way his declining mental faculties and altered personality feed his need for more extreme transformation.

Bimbo gets increasingly taboo and deliciously explicit in the final chapters, and the way Nikki reveals the grand scheme behind it all is fantastic. There are some dark twists in those chapters, with one cruel surprise heaped on another, but it all comes back to the strength of the the characters, reminding us of their journeys and making us feel for what has happened.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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