Monthly Roundup & Look Ahead

Monthly Roundup: December

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Taking a quick look at the numbers for December . . .

  • Books bought - 4
  • Books downloaded - 11
  • ARCs received for review (physical) - 3
  • ARCs received for review (digital) - 5
  • Books read - 14
  • Author gender - 8 female, 6 male
  • New-to-me Authors - 4
  • Average rating - 4
Last month's reviews included:
I always find what reviews are best received across different mediums to be fascinating, as it points to different audience segments being engaged. A good mix this month with some real variety.
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With the switch from Wordpress back to Blogger, December was a fantastic month for traffic - I saw my highest number of page views in almost 2.5 years!

Look Ahead: January

I always hesitate to look too far ahead, since my reading is dictated as much by my whims and desires of the moment as by release dates. This past month I reviewed 5 of the 9 books that I had planned to cover, but I'm currently reading 2 others, so I'm okay with that.

January marks a new year, and I'm going to try and be better at holding myself accountable, so here are the reviews I'm hopeful you'll see this month:
  • Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long (I should finish this over the weekend, so watch for a review next week)
  • Blood and Honor by Miranda Lyn (This is a January release I've been anxious to get reading)
  • Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson (This is a big book, so it may take a few weeks, but I'm enjoying the read)
  • Weed by Joseph D'Lacey (I've heard great things about the 2nd half of this)
  • The Frozen Crown by Greta Kelly (I won a signed copy of this and it's an instant read when it arrives)
  • Keeper at the Gates by Allison Church (this is the first under a friend's new pen-name, so I'm excited to show my support)
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What did your December reads look like? What's on your shelf for January?


  1. I have Hall of Smoke on my list for January too, and I'll probably read Weed next month. I'm curious, why do you think your stats are better on this platform?

    1. I'm guessing there's some legacy linkages or feeds from the decade I spent blogging here that I wasn't able to replicate on Wordpress. There also seems to be the matter of other Blogger sites that show who they're following.

      I've been monitoring both platforms, looking at traffic sources to see what I could pick up on, but the difference seems to be in that mysterious "Other" category. Ultimately, I gave the Wordpress site a full year to find its legs and grow, but I'd rather be where I have the greatest impact.


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