WTF Weekend: The Room by Brian C. Copper

David and Max meet during the worst snowstorm in recent history when Max, a patrolman in the fictional town of Fullerton, MA becomes stranded at David’s house.

Max soon discovers that David has a secret BDSM playroom in his basement and their adventures begin, bringing them closer as they discover new things about themselves and each other.

Other characters are introduced with time jumps into David’s past, as story lines interweave throughout, exploring various sexual themes between adult gay men.


The Room (first in The Fullerton Chronicles) has an odd sort of feel to it, at least compared to what you might expect. The handcuffs on the cover and the BDSM playroom of the blurb had me thinking bondage-themed erotic novel, but it actually reads more like a quirky, character-driven, cult drama - albeit one for mature readers.

David is a mysterious gentleman, unfailingly polite, friendly, charitable, and yet someone you do not want to cross. It's not that he's cruel or arrogant, it's the aura of power that emanates from him, the self-confidence or someone sure of himself and his place in the world. I'm not sure if Brian C. Copper was deliberately trying to play against some of the darker stereotypes of mainstream fiction, but if this was a prime time drama, you'd almost expect a twist in the final act that exposes David as a serial killer. He's not, and this is not that kind of story, but there is a heavy atmosphere of mystery and secrecy that is often unsettling.

The structure of the novel was a bit jarring at first, but once you settle in and understand how it's being told, it flows quite nicely. The primary plot thread involves the slow seduction and mastery of Max, a policeman stranded by the snowstorm, but there other men (and other relationships) woven into the story as we go along. These side-sessions, so to speak, do as much to build upon the mystery as they do to reveal anything about David. It soon becomes apparent that he is a man with a wide influence, and one who is just as adept at casually dominating in public as erotically dominating in his well-equipped dungeon.

The Room is what I would call erotica for the mind, a story that plays with thoughts and emotions, but which is half over before there's any actual sex. There is a lot of sensuality before that point, all wrapped up in a heavy power-exchange, but it's not the kind of whips-and-chains domination you might expect. Again, a lot of what David does it all in the head, testing his subjects' senses to see what they are willing to endure in his name. For instance, there is a prolonged scene that involves nothing more than enduring extremes of temperature, but it is powerfully done. The Room of the title is far more than just a dungeon playroom, it is also something akin to an interrogation room where cruelty and compassion are intimately intertwined. Again, it plays against expectations, making you question your assumptions about these encounters, but its influence creates genuine romance and long-lasting friendships.

Make no mistake, this is an erotic novel involving heavy-duty scenes of bondage-and-domination between men. However, all questions of eroticism and arousal aside, as a story, a character study, and a drama, The Room is surprisingly engaging.

Published February 29th 2016 by Brian C. Copper

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