WTF Weekend: Origins by Brian C. Copper

Book Two of The Fullerton Chronicles finds us venturing back to the beginning stages of several of David's playmates. Each of them give us more insight into how David has evolved from his simple curious beginnings to a much sought after Dom.

Interweaving story arcs trace paths across different starting points in David's timeline. Each moving forward to the present, revealing more layers of who he was, will be, and currently is.


Origins (second in The Fullerton Chronicles) was something of a strange read to enter into. Having been pleasantly surprised by how The Room developed, I expected more of the same . . . another book that flies in the face of convention and pulls its narrative threads from between the lines of its blurb. On the surface, this second chapter is largely what you would expect from the blurb, but beneath that surface it does indeed have surprises to offer.

My hesitation going into this is that prequels or backstory novels are always difficult to pull off successfully. When you've come to know and like a character as he is now, there is always a risk you'll find who he was then far less interesting. Sometimes you just don't want to know what struggles the endured, what made them, or what broke them. Fortunately, Brian C. Copper knows his characters, and he makes their history just as compelling as their present. In fact, I would go so far as to say I have a great appreciation for them all, knowing where they came from.

Like the first book, the structure of the novel is a bit jarring at first, jumping between characters and time periods, but you soon become accustomed to the flow of each thread. Not surprisingly, David is the main attraction here, and seeing him as a young man, so patiently biding his time as fascinating. We get to see a different aspect of his humanity, exploring him as an innocent youth who is just discovering his sexuality, while still exerting a raw, natural sort of power over other men. The romance between him and the married man next door is absolutely fascinating to watch develop, and as unsettling as the complications may be, the ultimate resolution explains a lot about his philosophy and approach.

The balance here between human drama and power-exchange eroticism is just as carefully handled as in the first book, but both are subtly different. The human drama I already touched upon above, with its elements of innocence and romance, but I also found more humor to this chapter. The scenes involving the construction of The Room from the first book are thoroughly entertaining, complete with misunderstandings, hesitation, and secret longings, and I liked that we got to experience the personality that went into designing it. The BDSM aspects, meanwhile, get deep into the realm of pup-play. To the casual observer, being forced to crawl on all fours, being denied the power of speech, and being caged outside in the rain would seem like cruel and inhumane treatment, but you come to understand what both participants take from the exchange, and why certain men crave being owned like a pet. You'll need an open mind to follow the story through, but it is well worth it.

Origins is a different novel than the first, but perhaps even stronger for the ongoing development of David's character. With Connections promising a "full-on donkeypunch" and a fourth book on the way, this is a story and a world worth exploring.

Kindle Edition, 390 pages
Published October 14th 2016

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