WTF Holidays: A Very StrangeHouse Christmas edited by Kevin Strange

What do a Gasmask-Wearing, post-apocalyptic Santa Claus, A Weed Witch bent on fucking Christmas, a family of abominable snow beasts, and people with Christmas present heads have in common? They could only exist inside the bizarre and horrific world of StrangeHouse Books!

This collection of 9 twisted tales of Christmas horror brings together weirdo literary talent from around the world, all with the sole purpose of turning the most sacred of holidays on its head, and making sweet, sweet love to its defenseless ear holes!

Join SHB ring leader Kevin Strange, as well as StrangeHouse anthology alumni Rich Bottles Jr., Jesse Wheeler, KM Tepe, and newcomers like Lindsey Goddard and MP Johnson on this sometimes magical, always fucked up journey to the north pole. We promise you'll never look at Christmas the same way ever again!


A Very StrangeHouse Christmas is a twisted collection of tales that put a decidedly Bizarro spin on the holidays. Dark, violent, kinky, and perverse, these stories are just about guaranteed to violate whatever Christmas innocence you have left . . . although, if you're like me, they'll probably bring their own unique form of blasphemous joy.

Kafka’s Run by Billy Tea is a story that starts oddly, gets weirder, and then goes absolutely bonkers at the end. It's a Bizarro tale where people with presents for heads are hunted for Christmas, and yet it's told with some traditionally fantastic holiday imagery.

Do Not Buy by Emma Johnson was a very short piece of flash fiction about . . . well, let's just say the dangers of chain letters. This one's too quick to spoil.

The Unlisted by Jesse Wheeler was, far and away, my favorite story in the collection. Mrs. Claus is dead, Santa is having horny reindeer fantasies, and the elves are not just tiny little toy-makers, they piss eggnog and shit cookie dough. As drunken benders and freaky orgies go, it doesn't get any more festive than this!

Dear Santa Claus by K.M. Tepe is a letter to Santa Claus from a very disturbed young man who goes hardcore on pointing out Santa's crimes against humanity. Cruel, vindictive, and very, very funny.

Blood On The Highway by Lindsey Goddard was a decent bit of horror, but really rather tame compared to the rest of the collection, and more monstrous that Bizarro.

Kathi the Sexy Elf by Rich Bottles Jr. was a slow-burning bit of horror, one that makes you wait for the payoff, but it's well worth it. There's a lot of pressure on the department store Santa not to over-promise, and yet there are always disappointed kids on Christmas. This one starts with a little melancholy before wrapping itself up in kink . . . then it unwraps the horror.

Christmas with the Family by Jonathan Byrd was, if you'll pardon the expression, completely fucked up and just oh-so-fucking-wrong. Murder, dismemberment, live sex shows, suicide, and a Secret Santa unlike any other. A great story, well-told, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure.

The Witch who Fucked Christmas by Kevin Strange is the main attraction here, the story of an over-sexed Santa, his bimbo entourage, a vindictive witch, ninja elves, a whole mess of prehensile tentacle penises, and a child's wish. Fast, frantic, and fetish fantastic, this was more fun than Christmas has any right to be.

I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday by Mike Lombardo is a bit of an odd story to wrap with, being more a traditional horror story (like Blood On The Highway) than something properly Bizarro, but the final Twilight Zone twist was well-done.

If you're trapped with family this holiday season and need to escape, or are spending it alone and want to get a little rough with the candy canes and stockings, A Very StrangeHouse Christmas makes a great gift to yourself.

Paperback, 157 pages
Published November 15th 2013 by Strangehouse Books

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