WTF Weekend: Walkin' After Midnight by Donald Armfield (@ArmfieldDonald)


A lovely little bludgeoner-book, perfect for concealing in your pockets... An adult-diaper wearing Casanova discovers a potent ability to actualize wild, gonzo porn fantasies. An Unsolved Mystery episode equipped with mind-reading tech takes a seriously wrong turn. A particularly repulsive coworker finds himself in a wrestling match made of equal parts dream and nightmare… and we’re just getting warmed up. 

Armfield’s collection is a treasure-trove of treasures best left buried. Throughout this collection, sex meets filth, and the two embark on misadventures more than twisted enough to leave your psyche permanently crippled. Weak stomachs need not apply. If you’re made of the right stuff, Armfield’s humor and energy will amply reward you. If not, find a vantage point close to the nearest stall – don’t worry, you’ll thank me later. More fun than a barrel of maggots, you’re guaranteed to depart from this wellspring of bizarro flavored gross-out a changed human, assuming you’re still human at all. And while we’re on the topic of change, you should pack a change of clothes. Things tend to get messy in here.


Depending on your tastes, Walkin' After Midnight could be a curious collection or a bizarre bundle of sickening short stories. Donald Armfield holds nothing back, refusing to bow to mainstream literary conventions, and indulges his most disturbing dreams.

Walkin' After Midnight is the perfect story to open with, nonsense bizarro horror that is full of quirky characters and pop culture references. The story seems to meander for a while, in search of a purpose, but then it finds it . . . plowing through a series of increasingly surreal murders.

Airborne Chemical Messenger is scatological erotica and toilet humor all wrapped up in one, not my thing, but it may just be bizarro enough for some readers.

Tigerless Sunrise was an interesting oddity, bestiality-themed erotica for anybody who ever wondered what puberty was like for Tarzan. I have to be honest, the anal squirrel with the bukkake fetish made me laugh out loud.

The Flushing is a return to the scatological horror genre, overlaid with a wrestling theme, neither of which are my thing, but the narrative framing is interesting.

Tiffany Street (a haunting) was a strong, bizarro sort of ghost story, complete with an Unsolved Mysteries narration, and enough chills and twists to make it work. It's far from mainstream, but does show what Donald can do with a traditional genre elements.

Statue Playmates, on the other hand, is total bizarro, gross-out, twisted porn, with the most disgusting Dwarf rapist you'll ever meet, but the ending is . . . if you'll excuse the horrible pun . . . stone-cold solid.

Paperback, 86 pages
Published August 10th 2018 by NihilismRevised

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