#Horror Review: Occasional Beasts by John Claude Smith (@wickdplayground)

We turn the Ruins over to Donald again today, with his review of  beast within, and beasts made flesh.

Clever, witty, or weirdly interesting. John Claude Smith brings out the best (or is that beast?) in short stories, with Occasional Beasts, tales about tables of unimaginable texture, alien skins, grotesque body language that leads to a haunting one-night stand, and Johnny Depp as you never seen him before . . . or can you see him?

Worldly amazing John Claude Smith does horror and weird that is kinda hard to forget. I highly recommend this collection, with my likes being “The Wounded Table”, “I Am” and “Beautiful” oh, and of course, “The Johnny Depp Thing.”

Kindle Edition, 362 pages
Expected publication: September 17th 2018 by Omnium Gatherum