WTF Weekend: Controlling the Kaiju by Nessie Banks (@EroticaNessie)

With giant monsters appearing in the South Pacific, the Governments of the world are scrambling to create a weapon that could stand up to the deadly kaiju. Kay Svenson is one of those military scientists. She studies Kaiju DNA in hopes that the secrets of their origins could lead to a discovery that will allow humanity to fight back. 

When she's caught in a reactor in the middle of an experiment, she finds herself irreversibly transformed. She grows, her skin becomes scales, and her body is always begging for on release. She becomes completely insatiable. When not satisfied, she becomes violent. Angry. Dangerous. It's up to her fellow scientists to keep her under control.

But when the large, lusty kaiju discovers that her accident may not have been an accident after all, Is there any change these unfortunate scientists could possibly control the kaiju?


Damn, but this was a good read. Not quite a great one - at least, not in its current form, but a sequel would go a long way to addressing that - but still a fun read that did a lot more with the concept than I expected.

Controlling the Kaiju is the story of Kay and Addison, two women working on unravelling the mysteries of Kaiju biology to save the world from the recent return of a long-dead lizard God in the South Pacific. Simple enough, except Addison has secretly chosen Kay to be the guinea pig in her grand experiment, 'accidentally' trapping her in the reactor room with a sample of Kaiju DNA.

Nessie Banks takes Kay's transformation a lot farther than I expected, and in a direction I hadn't expected. Most erotic stories of this nature just explode the woman to giant proportions, leaving the world with a massive, voluptuous supermodel walking around. Kay is not so lucky. Her skin thickens and darkens, she can feel the pain of herself growing, and bony plates, protrusions, and horns begin bursting through her flesh. At the same time, her anger grows, making her harder and harder for the scientists to control.

Their primary source of control is physical stimulation, and Banks shows some real imagination there. Without saying too much, there's a point at which it takes an entire arm to bring her to orgasm, and a pair of pliers to pinch her hardening nipples. Vore aficionados will be delighted to know there's a pivotal scene in the final act involving a near-swallowing that is fantastically detailed, and with some real creativity. Between the level of detail, the creativity, and the developing relationship between Kay and Addison, there's a lot to enjoy here.

Kindle Edition, 37 pages
Published May 6, 2018

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