WTF Weekend: Leather District Loft by Archer Tinto (@ArcherTinto)

He didn’t know who had left her in this state of frustration. The contraption she is strapped to is ingenious in its design, even though it leaves her desperately wanting more. He had gotten the keys to a loft that was supposedly empty. But now he has to choose what to do about a deliciously sweaty and sexy woman strapped down and available for anything and everything he chooses to take – or give. He does end up helping her, but at the same time he certainly helps himself. 

WARNING 18+: This book is erotic fiction and contains material that may be considered offensive to some readers, including graphic language, explicit sex, and adult situations.


There is not a lot of plot or characterization to Leather District Loft, but where that would be a flaw in most stories, it is actually part of the appeal here. With any sort of context to frame the story, the darkly erotic scenario that Archer Tinto relates becomes that much more powerful - captivating even.

It all begins when the narrator arrives at a soon-to-be-vacant loft, wanting to scope it out for his exceptionally demanding client. There is almost a whole other story (or fantasy, perhaps) hidden in that opening chapter. Add in the natural shadows of the recessed door, and the fumbling with the lockbox, and our subconscious expectations of power exchange and restraint are already set before we've even opened the door.

What he finds inside is a mostly-naked woman, restrained inside an elaborate stockade/sex machine, surrounded by implements of torture and toys of pleasure. Who is she? Why is she there? Who is she meant for? Is she a willing captive? Does she enjoy being on display? Did somebody know he was coming? All good questions, but don't expect any answers. Tinto leaves it to the reader to imagine both history and context, which makes this story exactly as cruel, delightful, horrific, or erotic as you wish it to be.

From a voyeuristic standpoint, the scene as its laid out is utterly compelling. The narrator leads us in a walk around the young woman, admiring her body, and experimenting with her restraints. He is as mystified as we are, but decides to take advantage of the situation. It makes for an intensely erotic exploration of bondage and sexuality, a purely physical act of domination, reducing the young woman to an object of submission. Is that what she wants? Is this how she lives out her desires? Was she hoping to be found like this? Is she as willing as she appears, or is she just paralyzed with fear? Again, all good questions, but the answers are up to the reader.

Almost deliberately not a story, Leather District Loft is still a fascinating exercise in erotic storytelling, an interactive narrative that demands as much from the reader as its two participants. Unorthodox, but utterly compelling.

Kindle Edition, 16 pages
Published April 7th 2017 by Bluehorn Press

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