WTF Weekend: The Church of Latter-Day Eugenics by Chris Kelso & Tom Bradley (@ChrisKelso5)

Fulton is a tough, cynical, almost washed-up writer for The Prattler, the sleaziest tabloid rag in London. His sidekick is Cheryl, a perky and often insanely bitchy cub reporter. Together they are covering the ritual murder of a reality television star. As they follow the trail of clues through the half-seedy, half-hip world of London's Hoxton Square, they run into a series of peculiar semi-hermaphrodite types while being subjected to the psychoactive power of the Blue Lotus. 

As the mystery unravels, hallucinogens, sexually-ambiguous cultists, a local porn shop, and the revelations of the She-god Shelia, challenge Fulton’s grasp on reality. To solve the murder, Fulton just might have to come to grips with a religious conversion, if only to experience the "happiest hallelujah-howling climax in all of literature!"


If Chris Kelso & Tom Bradley come to your door as strapping, well-dressed Mormons of The Church of Latter-Day Eugenics, presenting this book, then accept and bow because this is a wild bizarre ride you won't want to miss.

Or you could just buy a copy.

Opening with a murder mystery of sorts, or one man's missing "man-paste," Kelso and Bradley toss us into the streets of a churchgoing community with a red smog cloud hovering in the sky.

Upon that cloud is a Mo-Mo wearing Mecca, looking to be reborn (or something like) that through a particular taste or one man.

As I said it's a wild bizarre ride with some very interesting art by Nick Patterson (must see disturbing eye candy).


Paperback, 102 pages
Published January 2017 by Journalstone

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