WTF Weekend: The Chamber of Doctor Z by JP Vile (@Perseid_Press)

"You need something dangerous done? Call Hunter."

If you have the cash . . . she has the flash!

Hunter Caine, Soldier of Fortune, while on a job to rescue a kidnapped scientist finds herself face to face with a zombie horde. Using her trusty particle blaster she must fend off the zombie and a back-shooting betrayer in order to escape. The Chamber of Doctor Z is the first story by JP Vile in the Hunter Caine series of Pulp Adventures.


The Chamber of Doctor Z by JP Vile is the debut title to fall under the new Dark Deeds Pulp imprint of Perseid Press. An Amazing Adventure of Hunter Caine, the story came with the tease of a "perpetually horny Lesbian contact killer and paranormal fixer" and the promise of a "land of monsters and mayhem." It delivers on both counts.

This was pure pulp - an erotically charged, adventure-based bit of horror, complete with monsters, mad scientists, cool weapons, and more. It's a frantically paced short story that doesn't really spend much time on introductions, much less character building, but it has spades of blood, guts, explosions, and ribald flirting. It's so over-the-top that it could have been eye-rollingly bad, especially with the gender-flipped vintage James Bond "wrong place, wrong time, wrong girl" seduction, but the cheesy sexuality (and equally cheesy dialogue) actually keep it on track.

You're not quite sure who the good guys and the bad guys are, and even when you're expecting to be double-crossed, you don't necessarily know how or from where. The monsters come on fast and hard, delivering a level of splatterpunk violence that's perfect for the story, and Hunter is just one of those bad-ass characters you like from the get-go. What little character building there is happens in the final pages, and it's more than enough to make me want to take on another amazing adventure.

Kindle Edition, 35 pages
Published November 26th 2017 
Published by Dark Deeds Pulp, imprint of Perseid Press

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