WTF Friday: Motherf*cking Wizards by Leonard Delaney

Well, another WTF Friday is upon us, which means we once again turn the Ruins over to my dark half. As regular visitors will know, Foster has a passion for messed up literary diversions - books that are bizarre, twisted, grotesque, and kinky - and he's only too happy to splatter them across the page.

A book called Motherfucking Wizards, written by the same guy who wrote Taken by the Tetris Blocks, that promises "an erotic mashup of explicit fucking and badass god damn sorcerers?" I had to give this one a read, even if just for shits and giggles.

The thing is, as perversely inappropriate Harry Potter parodies (or homages go), this was actually pretty good. Leonard Delaney may boast of "massacring good taste", but he's got a solid imagination and a decent writing style. Yes, it's crude and sophomoric at times, filled with names lie Pervert Drive, Hardrod, Argus Felch, but it's all done with a sense of honest fun and deliberate perversity that you cannot deny.

It also has a ton of amusing little details, like the leather-clad house ALFs, who are described as "ugly little bear-like creatures with patchy hair and pig-like snouts, rumoured to be from another planet." At no point do they try and eat a cat, but you get the idea.

Suffice to say, a wizard's staff takes on a whole new meaning here, and a reason the castle's towers are topped by mushroom-like tips. And while sex with teachers (sorceresses) may be inappropriate, sex with your childhood teddy bear takes on a whole new level of weird. The erotic elements are kind of silly and over-the-top, but a cut above a lot of similar stories. There is an actual story as well, one that parallels its literary inspiration, and the final letter home to the Dunkleys brings things full-circle while explaining the title, Motherfucking Wizards.

Kindle Edition, 53 pages
Published October 4th 2014 by Forest City Pulp


  1. I'm not sure a book's title alone has ever made so interested to read it as this one does. I don't read ebooks, and generally only pick up free or 99 cents, but for this one, I may make an exception solely for the fact to say that I read a book called " Motherfucking Wizards: an erotic mashup of explicit fucking and badass god damn sorcerers" XD


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