From the Shelf to the Page: This Week in the Ruins

A quiet week on pretty much all fronts, but still some interesting stuff going on (and coming in) . . .


Stacking The Shelves and Mailbox Monday are a pair of weekly memes that are about sharing the books that came your way over the past week, and which you've added to your shelves - whether they be physical or virtual, borrowed or bought, or for pleasure or review.

Just one new addition to the review shelves this week, the 4th annual anthology of international speculative fiction from the gang at Apex.

The Apex Book of World SF 4
edited by Mahvesh Murad & Lavie Tidhar

Now firmly established as the benchmark anthology series of international speculative fiction, volume 4 of The Apex Book of World SF sees debut editor Mahvesh Murad bring fresh new eyes to her selection of stories.

From Spanish steampunk and Italian horror to Nigerian science fiction and subverted Japanese folktales, from love in the time of drones to teenagers at the end of the world, the stories in this volume showcase the best of contemporary speculative fiction, wherever it’s written.

"Important to the future of not only international authors, but the entire SF community."
—Strange Horizons

Expected publication: August 25th 2015 by Apex Book Company

As well, just one new digital editions to the must-read shelves, although I have some catching up to do on the first book.

Chasing the Phoenix
by Michael Swanwick

A science fiction masterpiece from a five-time Hugo Award winner!

In the distant future, Surplus arrives in China dressed as a Mongolian shaman, leading a yak which carries the corpse of his friend, Darger. The old high-tech world has long since collapsed, and the artificial intelligences that ran it are outlawed and destroyed. Or so it seems.

Darger and Surplus, a human and a genetically engineered dog with human intelligence who walks upright, are a pair of con men and the heroes of a series of prior Swanwick stories. They travel to what was was once China and invent a scam to become rich and powerful. Pretending to have limited super-powers, they aid an ambitious local warlord who dreams of conquest and once again reuniting China under one ruler. And, against all odds, it begins to work, but it seems as if there are other forces at work behind the scenes. This is a sharp, slick, witty science fiction adventure that is hugely entertaining from one of the best SF writers alive.

Published August 11th 2015 by Tor Books


It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is another weekly meme, this time focused on what books are spending the most time in your hands and in your head, as opposed to what's been added to your shelf.

I finished The Dragon Engine by Andy Remic last night, so watch for my review (along with a guest post from Andy himself) next week. In the meantime, Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey continues to be my read of leisure, while The Crimson Corset by Alistair Cross has my full and undivided attention on the digital front.

What's topping your shelves this week?


  1. I've been in one of my zombie moods this last week or two and I'm waiting for a few purchases to arrive! You can NEVER have too many zombies...! Enjoy your books!

  2. you've gone quite erotic lately, Bobson :)

  3. I hope you enjoy your new additions! :-) Looks like they'll be fun!
    My haul

  4. I also got the new Apex book, what a great series! Looking forward to discovering some new authors.

  5. Looking forward to your thoughts on Andy Remic's new book (and his guest post!) I enjoyed the pulpy fun of The Iron Wolves and I hope The Dragon Engine lived up to your expectations.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. I'm looking forward to your review of the Dragon Engine.

  7. Look forward to seeing what you think of Dragon Engine, I've been curious about that one.

  8. I'm reading Kushiel's Chosen as a readalong (just over half way through) are you enjoying it??
    I'm about to start the Dragon Engine book and Twelve Kings - excited for both these.
    Lynn :D

  9. I just added The Crimson Corset to my wishlist. It is a rather striking cover. Enjoy your books!


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