PROMO: The Virus: A Thriller by Stanley Johnson

About the Book

The Virus: A Thriller by Stanley Johnson 
Genre: Thriller & Adventure/Adult
Publisher: HarperCollins (WitnessImpulse)
Pages: 112
List Price: 2.99 USD
ASIN: B00S59990A
ISBN-13: 978-0062414922 

How do you stop an invisible killer? 

When a young woman in New York City dies mysteriously after a trip to Brussels, top epidemiologist Lowell Kaplan identifies the cause of death as the Marburg Virus—a fatal strain that has surfaced only once before in history.

Determined to trace the source of the disease, Kaplan follows a trail of intrigue from the labs of Germany to the jungles of Central Africa.

With danger nipping at his heels, and the secrets of the virus's origin kept deliberately under wraps, Kaplan must go to unimaginable lengths to stop a deadly scheme.

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About the Author

Stanley Johnson is a British politician and author, and a noted expert on environmental and population issues.


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