Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Naomi Shaw (GUEST POST)

If you’re someone for whom The Walking Dead has become can’t miss TV on Sunday nights, you certainly aren’t alone. The show continues to set record after record for non-sports cable TV viewership, including 17.3 million people for the Season 5 premiere.

And if you’re a big fan of the show, you’ve probably spent a bit of time contemplating how you’d handle the survival situations in which the characters find themselves. In that situation you certainly aren’t alone again. Part of the excitement of watching the show is the ability to contemplate how you’d handle a zombie apocalypse.

Surviving the Invasion

As shown in the infographic, you’ll need a plan to improve your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse. While much of making it through a disaster situation involves your ability to “adapt and overcome,” some planning ahead will increase your odds.

Step 1: Finding a Safe Spot

Popular media has taught us three things about zombies. They‘re not smart. They’re drawn to cities where there’s plenty of food (i.e., human survivors). And they don’t do well with stairs or large bodies of water. So when looking for a spot in which to remain safe from a zombie horde, consider these four options from the infographic and the Pocket Ranger.

  1. Government facility. Places like the underground facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia or the Raven Rock Mountain Complex along the Pennsylvania-Maryland border are designed to withstand any type of attack – war, zombie, or otherwise.
  2. Remote state parks. Try hiding on an island, such as Cayo Costa State Park in Florida, or inside a cave structure, such as is found in Longhorn Cavern State Park in Texas.
  3. Fortified building. As shown in The Walking Dead, converting a prison into a zombie-proof fortress takes some work, but it’s a great option … as long as other human survivalists don’t start a war over it.
  4. Bomb shelter. If you have enough supplies inside, you might be able to wait 5 to 7 years inside the shelter, in which time all the zombies likely will have rotted away by the time you have to come outside again.

Step 2: Preparing Supplies

Preparing a set of supplies is important to your survival chances too. Consider these four must-have supplies, as outlined by the infographic and the Web site.

  1. Water. Humans must have clean water to survive, so keep bottled water on hand, as well as a portable water purification system for your emergency kit.
  2. Food. While people can survive much longer without food than water, a lack of food equals a lack of energy … which equals an inability to outrun zombies. Keep non-perishable food on hand.
  3. First aid supplies. In a disaster situation poor hygiene and a lack of medical care could turn a simple scratch into a life-threatening situation. Clean bandages and anti-bacterial ointment are needed in your kit.
  4. Clothing. If your shelter is compromised during an attack, staying warm will be tough. Keep multiple pieces of clothing available, so you can wear layers.

Step 3: Picking Your Weapons

Now for the fun part: Selecting exactly which weapons you want to make use of to battle zombies. With so many options, different ones will appeal to different people, depending on your personality. Consider these four general options.

  1. Long-handled weapon. A baseball bat or hockey stick will work in crushing the zombie skulls, while keeping you out of the monster’s reach.
  2. Bladed weapon. The Walking Dead’s Michonne has almost certainly made the Samurai sword the most popular zombie-killing weapon on the planet. And having a second knife on hand is important for close combat.
  3. Crossbow. If Michonne’s weapon isn’t the most popular on The Walking Dead, it’s because of Daryl’s crossbow. Crossbow arrows are silent, will work well over a great distance, and can be retrieved and used many times.
  4. Gun. The gun is popular because it works over a long distance and you can carry a lot of bullets, because they’re small. But it’s loud, which will draw zombies.

With the basic zombie survival skills in your mind, you’re ready for anything. You’ll be prepared if you have to escape the zombie horde at some point in the future. Or you’ll be ready to more intelligently critique the actions of your favorite character on The Walking Dead.


Naomi Shaw was a stay-at-home mom of three gorgeous babies for the last 6 years, but now that all her kids are in school, she's starting up her career again as a freelancer. Check her out at