Horror Review - Inferno: Transmission by Lyka Bloom

While Infection had its flaws, it was a solid, entertaining story, and one that delivered on its core premise. It left so much potential left unexplored, I knew I'd be up for a sequel, and Lyka Bloom was quick to deliver.

Inferno: Transmission picks up a few weeks after the close of the first chapter, with Julia still an unwilling captive of the dangerously seductive Lilith, and Dennis having spent his time putting together something of a vigilante team to take the monster down . . . and, if possible, rescue Julia (although nobody holds out much hope for her after all this time). The recap of the last few weeks, along with the introduction to Dennis' crew is well-done, giving the story the feel of a slasher-flick revenge tale.

"the scent of her filling his nostrils, something like he imagined grave dirt must smell after an amorous and adventurous couple consummated their love upon corpse-strewn earth"

I love that description - it captures the demonic nature of Lilith so well. We don't get any further insights into her origins (I'd love to know her origins), but we do discover what the blood-thirsty dominatrix has in store for humanity. Like most monstrous leaders, she has her sights set on nothing less than world domination - and, as we discover, she has both the smarts and the means to set her plans in motion. That plan isn't fully revealed until the closing pages, but it does make for a fantastic cliffhanger.

"Freedom from choice, from decision, from the morality that's bound you for so long. I will wrap you in glorious obedience and divine pleasure, Toy."

In between those flashbacks and the cliffhanger, we get a surprisingly effective tale of erotic horror that truly gets under your skin. Bloom deftly explores the nature of dominance and submission, with some really interesting commentary on our most dangerous dreams of being freed from the need to take responsibility for our actions. Even though she know how evil Lilith is, and have seen how her followers suffer physically, there's no denying the allure of the freedom she offers.

All-in-all, Inferno: Transmission was a great read, and more than a worthy follow-up to Infection. There's clearly bigger, darker, more dangerous thrills awaiting us, and the next chapter is guaranteed a spot on my must-read list.

Published June 16th 2014 by Smashwords Edition