Fiction Review - Primordial: An Abstraction by D. Harlan Wilson

Primordial: An Abstraction by D. Harlan Wilson
Published July 4th 2014 by Anti-Oedipus Press


A nameless professor’s methods of teaching and scholarship become toxic; he is sent back to college to redo his Ph.D. and redeem his authority. This is only the beginning of terror. Life at the university isn’t what it used to be. Confronted by absurdity, redundancy, and pornogrpahy at every turn, the professor must struggle to follow the rules and be a good student even as he terrorizes the roommates, faculty, staff and administrators that threaten to undermine his rancorous will to power. Narrated in D. Harlan Wilson’s token “Hörnblower prose,” Primordial is an exercise in contemporary idiocy that rakes academia over the coals while plumbing the uncanny obscurities of existence and identity.


D. Harlan Wilson's work is quite interesting. I always put his name in front when I talk about the kind of stuff I read.

Primordial An Abstraction I got from Anti-Oedipus Press in exchange for a review.

A nameless professor had to go back to school to (re) claim his Ph.D after being taken from him. He taunts roommates, assaults and verbally beats professors and had to deal with porno being filmed in every nook and cranny of the university. Laughter but a little odd lost moments when reading But enjoyed every page.

The quality of dealing with ideas from a beginning to an end is an absurdity reading for sure. Harlan always drops a bomb!

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