Sci-Fi Review - Bred to Rule: The Incident by Tim Bearden

It's a little hard to fairly judge the merits Bred to Rule based on its first of four planned installments, The Incident, but Tim Bearden has done a good job of establishing the story, the world, and the characters in it.

The story starts as something of a police thriller, complete with an antagonistic chief and a little mismatched buddy cop rivalry. The dialogue is well done, and the characters are immediately identifiable. It's initially a bit light on physical description, but definitely picks up once they hit the streets.

When Williams and Max get pulled into a special FBI investigation, the story really takes off, and some of the dream snippets we've been witness to start to come together. The story ends on a bang - quite literally - setting up a superpower tale that (so far, at least) owes more to cinematic action than comic book panels. Overall, The Incident is a fun read, and should be more than enough to hook readers into picking up its just-released sequel, The Rebirth.

Kindle Edition, 36 pages
Published April 15th 2014 by Role Models of Mediokrity Publishing


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