Peter Welmerink talks Action, Adventure, Adversity and the Undead (Guest Post)

First, I’d like to say thanks for having me at BEAUTY IN RUINS. It seems rather appropriate given the world in which my latest series, TRANSPORT, is set.

There’s beauty in the ruins of the large West Michigan city of Grand Rapids. Outside the east side of the walled metropolis, on the concertina wire-lined west side, where flowers still bloom in the midst of decaying residences, is the UCRA, the Urban Civilian Retention Area. Or, as some people like to call it: the Undead Civilian Retention Area, home of the cities protected undead.

In TRANSPORT, there is a large military presence in the big city, not only there to protect, but to do the grunt work. They provide, for example, Overwatch for rail crews outside city limits trying to reconnect rail lines to and from the city and other small towns to keep goods and services flowing between populations of living, breathing folk.

The soldiers are there, in the city, to go out into the west side neighborhood and feed the local undead citizens doped meat to keep them docile. Laws are in place in which one can’t shoot a “civilian” if he or she decides to nibble on your arm. Stiff fines are dispensed should one damage any of the city’s undead family or friends.

The military is there to stop at west side inner city shelters where sisters of the Lord assist the poor, rotted denizens, or to fight off slavers who want to steal the city’s civilians for their own foul means—even hellbent geneticists from the local condemned university who experiment on any living creature they can get their hands on to potentially create more chaos in the land.

TRANSPORT is about adversity in the work place, in this case, the work place of Captain Jacob Billet and his crew and their 72-ton M213 Heavy Transport Vehicle, the HURON. From running corrupt lakeshore government officials through domesticated and feral lands to bring them home (as everyone else is looking to put the people’s head on a pike if discovered), to making “meat runs” and trying to not cross towns and villages who would rather not be governed by the big city of Grand Rapids and her mightily armed and armored “police force.”

Captain Billet and crew don’t have to stir the pot to get in the thick of it. They are already thoroughly submerged in the woes and perils of a post-post apocalyptic land.

How did I come up with the TRANSPORT story?

I have always been a big fan of the Military Thriller, of Military Action-Adventure. Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed researching military vehicles and weapons, and wrote some early, early stories with a military group. (Not necessarily a Militia group, but an actual branch/unit of the U.S. Armed Forces.)

I had written a story for an anthology a few years back, the anthology titled FADING LIGHT: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE MONSTROUS, and a short story titled FINAL RIGHTS. It was set in Grand Rapids somewhat far-future (2075) and had heavy military aspects, the walled city of Grand Rapids, and all sorts of nasty mutated creatures who ruled the shadows beyond the city lights.

The story FINAL RIGHTS received some pretty decent reviews, and it started my mind churning on perhaps a BIGGER story, maybe not so far in the future, maybe not AS dark, and heavy with big ass military vehicles, fighting men and women of the Armed Forces…and, just because… zombies.

I did not see it as a “militarized WALKING DEAD” (though I will take the comparison happily). I wanted the story line to be centered around the living, but from the standpoint of a soldier caught up in everything going on in a post-post apoc world. Yes, I’d sprinkle my take on zombies, but not with Humanity all out running away from them. The Living have survived and will survive, even with the undead wandering around. They will protect some of the undead, feeling that these are unfortunate souls who don’t deserve to be simply mowed down.

However, there are people and factions and cities and towns that do not see things the same as the big city of Grand Rapids. There are even folk with the city government who, if they can have their way without getting caught, want nothing more than to find a means to exterminate any and all undead creatures, to regain properties and places that were lost.

I wanted a story where my characters are right in the center of it all, trying to fight the good fight in a world that has been turned on its head.

And I could use all the great military vehicles and weaponry to make things go BOOM.

Action. Adventure. And adversity in a post-apoc soldier’s work place.


About the Author

Peter Welmerink was born and raised on the west side of pre-apocalyptic Grand Rapids, Michigan. He writes Fantasy, Military SciFi, and other wanderings into action-adventure. His work has been published in ye olde wood pulp print and electronic-online publications. He is the co-author of the Viking berserker novel, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, written  with Steven Shrewsbury. TRANSPORT is his first solo novel venture. He is married with a small barbarian tribe of three boys.

Find out more about his works and upcoming projects at:


About the Book

Transport by Peter Welmerink
Published May 7th 2014 by Seventh Star Press, LLC

The HURON, a 72-ton heavy transport vehicle and an army of four; tracked, racked and ready to roll, to serve and protect the walled metropolis of Grand Rapids—both her living and her undead. Captain Jacob Billet and his crew patrol the byways, ready for trouble.

William Lettner, the North Shore Coalition High Commissioner, has enemies from the mainland to the lakeshore and needs to be covertly transported home after his helicopter is shot down en route to Grand Rapids. He has no love for a city that give unliving civilians the right to survive. Lettner’s venomous outbursts assaults Billet and his crew along every mile travelled as they are assigned to safely bring him through the treacherous landscape outside the city back to his hometown.

The HURON and her crew will have to face domesticated zombies and the feral undead; marauders holding strategic chokepoints hostage; barricaded villages fighting for survival, and a group of geneticists who've lost control of one of their monstrous experiments if they want to complete their mission.

The crew will need to stay strong and trust one another in order to finish the mission and bring their “precious” cargo home, even knowing, all the while, the terrible deeds Lettner has done.

Travelling through West Michigan was never so dangerous.


  1. Like the graphics and the sound of the story!

  2. Thank you Bob! I love Pete's new series! definitely has appeal for Walking Dead fans.

  3. Thanks Bob. Thanks for letting me wander within RUINS.

  4. A militarized walking dead sounds like it could be tons of fun!

    1. What makes it even more interesting is there are "docile" zombs along with FERAL zombs, and laws about NOT killing the local docile zombs because they are "family and friends" of the people living in the walled city of Grand Rapids. So it always comes down to do our lead cast of soldiers shoot or let themselves get gnawed on a little. LOL


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