Horror Review: The Cabal of Thotash by J. Zachary Pike

The Cabal of Thotash by J. Zachary Pike  
Published May 4th 2014 by Gnomish Press, LLC


The Cabal of Thotash has languished for years within their poorly-ventilated Manhattan lair. All of their rituals to summon an ancient malice and help it unmake reality have accomplished little beyond annoying the upstairs neighbor. When a charismatic sacrifice talks her way off the dark altar and into a leadership position, the Cabal’s fortunes turn around, as do their ideas about what it means to serve the greater evil.


Is it a cult or a group of confused worshipers of evil that has not been found?

When a failed sacrifice becomes the next leader of the wannabe cult (a cult that sounds more like a Duncan Hines cookbook discussion) things change for the worse and the cult becomes that of the past.

The ending leaves a mystery to readers and I'm not sure I even caught on. Had a few laughs, weak character description, and quirky dialogue. I just think more should be added to this short story.

(as posted by Donald on Goodreads)