Horror Review: Shiner by Andrew Conlon

Shiner by Andrew Conlon 
Published April 20th 2014 by Andrew Conlon


Ben Walters wishes his Dad would stay dead, but no one will let him rest. The bullies at school love to make fun of Dad's death, and at home, Ben's bereaved Mom has started to believe that haunting events within the house are messages from her deceased husband.

Ben finds peace and purpose in his job as a paperboy and enjoys the company of a few loyal friends, but the growing problems at home soon overshadow everything good in his life.

When chaos strikes the Walters household, Ben blames his otherworldy troubles on Mom and her drunken delusions, but after being forced to relive horrific childhood cruelties, he comes face-to-face with a toxic evil and the shocking truth about his family.


Just when you think you're reading an eerie horror story, the twist comes in near the end and blows your mind.

It's sad when Ben's father kills himself, but not for Ben. Bullied in school, his paper route is his getaway from his household terror. His alcoholic mother and his siblings he feels bad for, because they are always plopped in front of the the television.

His sister begins playing a game she calls "Knock Knock," and something she is talking to is replying to her questions, which is when all hell breaks loose.

Ben meets a man while on his paper route one day that changes his life. The man keeps piss in water jugs that he calls yera. Ben thinks he is insane.

5% in, the book takes a huge unexpected twist that jumps out and grabs you. A Lovecraftian monster. I'll say no more.

This was a five star read until the twist. Although it was very fast paced, with an action filled ending, I was just expecting terror in the wrath of Ben's mother (or vise versa).

Overall Shiner is a very interesting read, an adventure of lost love ones, and a bite of horror that keeps you reading more.

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