Horror Review: Path of the Dead by Timothy Baker

Path of the Dead by Timothy Baker
Published May 5th 2014 by Ragnarok Publications


Nestled on the foot of Tibet’s sacred Seche La Mountain is the village of Dagzê. The normally quiet streets are bustling with the steady stream of arrivals and preparations for the coming Festival of the Medicine King; a time of celebration, healing, and renewal. But a shadow is sweeping the world, a plague of apocalyptic proportions—the dead are rising and devouring the living, and no place is safe where humanity thrives.

As Dagzê burns, overtaken by the hungry undead, five people come together: Lama Tenzin, an elder monk; Gu-lang, the silent warrior nun and Tenzin’s protector; Cheung, a private in The People’s Army, driver and escort of the Lama; ten-year-old Chodren Dawa, witness to his sister’s death and rising; and Dorje Cetan, a Shaolin-trained hermit monk of Seche La and a dreamer of a dark portent. Together they must fight their way out of Dagzê to an abandoned Buddhist hermitage clinging to the mist-shrouded cliffs of Seche La.

With the undead following and gathering at Eagle’s Nest gate, they barricade themselves inside their dead-end haven, and are soon forced to battle the beasts without, as well as the ones within.


A path taken to a likable read.

Just when you thought the zombie plague has been done to hell. Timothy Baker drops a Buddhism Zombie tale of dark fiction.

When a plague takes over a small town a group of five people battle there way to a mountain top. Only to find the battle had just begun.

Path of The Dead (Hungry Ghost - Book One) is a path you'll want to take with Timothy Baker's story telling that keeps the page turning. I believe the next book will surpass its first! Recommend for Zombie and Dark Fantasy readers.

(as posted by Donald on Goodreads)


  1. A Buddhism...zombie...tale. Wow. Now I'm thinking I should have taken this one for review when I had the chance.



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