Poetry Month: Offbeat Reads and Recommendations

With April being poetry month, our very own Donald has rounded up some of his favorite reads and recommendations . . .

Poetry is a choice read. I tackle all sorts of styles but it has to leave it open for me. Off-beat & surreal poetry is more on my style. Authors such as Charles Bukowski, Robert Pinsky, Yusef Komunyakaa & Amy Gerstler. Just to name a few of my favorites.  Below is a list of recommended poetry if you desire to open your mind to the poetry world. Also check out my poetry shelf on goodreads. 

Hysteria by Stephanie M. Wytovich

Hysteria: an uncontrolled outburst of emotion or fear. Often characteristics by irrationally, laughter, weeping, etc.
A psychoneurotic disorder, abnormal effect. etc.

All of thee above gives you an idea of this magnificent poetry collection. At some point you feel what Wytovich is feeling. Sometimes she writes with a rage (examples) see poetry titles; Head Bangin' and Straight Jacket.

This themed collection of poetry has some real clever lines and writing that will stay with me for a long time.

Slow Dance With Sasquatch by Jeremy Radin

Jeremy Radin is an actor as well as a poet. Staring in such shows as; The Office and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. To name a few. And spends most of his time eating expensive hamburgers and maybe looking for a job. (from author bio)

This book is off the wall laughter with impressive metaphors and strange to understand, but you really don't have to.

His poem about a little boy who is afraid of monsters under his bed shows his story telling. Then his love poems such as "Rena" shows his clarity and metaphors.

The Man Suit by Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg is out of this world. From the monster hour to Abraham Lincoln's death scene. A town killer, owls, whales and bear mutilation. All mixed together Zachary will have you wanting to read more.

overall this is a book we all should own.

Medicine by Amy Gerstler

If you have not read any of Amy Gerstler's work you are missing out. She is in my top 5 poets. Here is a couple of lines from this collection Medicine.

"Limbs and torso distract from the face, which I need to keep in plain sight. I'd hope to honor your body as a whole, but it keeps coming apart and rushing at me." -Lovesickness: a radio play

"I've drunk the birdbath water and licked a leather bible cooked in oil. I've crushed hogs' teeth into tea. I've rinsed my hair in a tin basin a genius has spat in. This morning, after being washed and dressed by orphans, I drank iridescent vinegar pearls were dissolved in....." -Medicine

A dark and gritty at sometimes collection of Amy Gerstler.