A to Z Challenge: Glen Orbik

The A to Z Challenge is a meme posting every day (except Sundays) in April. Check out the list of 2000+ participants and follow along for 26 days (and 26 letters) of fun. The 2-letter code after each blog name may help narrow your choices - (BO) is Books, (WR) is Writing, (PH) is Photography . . . and, if you're concerned about those NSFW pages, (AC) is Adult Content.

For my theme, I thought I'd do something I generally try very hard not to do, and that is judge a book by its cover. Yes, this year my A to Z Challenge is all about the cover artists who give the books we know and love so much damn shelf appeal.

Continuing through the alphabet, we have Glen Orbik, a man who has returned a very retro-pulp look to the genre:

King's Hard Case novels are a perfect fit for Orbik's style, as are the Crichton and Doyle reprints, but I think it's the Star Wars Corsucant Nights series that really impressed me - space opera and pulp noir seem an odd combination until you see it . . . and then it all clicks.

Be sure to check out his site here.


  1. Hi, thanks for popping over to my blog. I am a little confused because the images in your posts are not showing up for me, I am using Safari, not sure if this affects the way i view the page, though i can see from the source code that there are images with amazon links ... strange?

    1. That's strange, Martine - I've tried the post on Chrome, IE, and my cellphone and it looks fine. Not sure what's going on with Safari.

  2. I like the retro look. It works best on the Star Wars novel.


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