A to Z Challenge: George Underwood

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For my theme, I thought I'd do something I generally try very hard not to do, and that is judge a book by its cover. Yes, this year my A to Z Challenge is all about the cover artists who give the books we know and love so much damn shelf appeal.

Continuing through the alphabet, we have George Underwood, the man behind the gorgeous covers below:


Although likely not immediately recognizable to most North American readers, Underwood has a long history of covering big name authors in their UK editions. I'm fortunate to have the entire Necroscope saga in those original UK paperback covers, and it's because of him that I picked the first book from the shelf. If his style seems familiar, that's because he's also done album covers for the likes of Mac Bolan and early David Bowie.

You can check out his website here.


  1. This guy is a very impressive artist! His work reminds me a bit of what my high school bff used to do - she was incredible. Sadly doesn't really do art anymore, but she still has all her work from back then.

  2. They do have an 70's album cover vibe to them. Cool you have an entire series with his artwork.

  3. These covers are amazing. Mesmerizing! I think if I had to pick a random book to read...of the four I'd pick Dark Voices.

  4. Wow, stunning and I *thought* his style looked familiar! Bowie! Of course. :)
    Thanks for sharing. It's so hard *not* to judge a book by its cover. Really, it's the first thing we see when we pick up a book we don't know.

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
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