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Stacking The Shelves and Mailbox Monday are a pair of weekly memes that are about sharing the books that came your way over the past week, and which you've added to your shelves - whether they be physical or virtual, borrowed or bought, or for pleasure or review.

Nothing new in the review pile this week (which is actually a bit of a relief), but I did pick up some deals online and at the used bookstore:

Violet Eyes by John Everson

Their bites are more than deadly...

The small town near the Everglades was supposed to offer Rachel and her son a fresh start. Instead it offered the start of a nightmare, when an unknown breed of flies migrated through the area, leaving painful bites in their wake. The media warned people to stay inside until the swarm passed. But the flies didn't leave. And then the radios and TVs went silent.

That's when the spiders came. Spiders that could spin a deadly web large enough to engulf an entire house overnight. Spiders that left stripped bones behind as they multiplied. Spiders that, like the flies, sought hungrily for tender flesh... through Violet Eyes.

Crack'd Pot Trail by Steven Erikson

It is an undeniable truth: give evil a name and everyone’s happy.  Give it two names and…why, they’re even happier.

Intrepid necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, scourges of civilization, raisers of the dead, reapers of the souls of the living, devourers of hope, betrayers of faith, slayers of the innocent, and modest personifications of evil, have a lot to answer for and answer they will. Known as the Nehemoth, they are pursued by countless self-professed defenders of decency, sanity, and civilization. After all, since when does evil thrive unchallenged? Well, often—but not this time.

Hot on their heels are the Nehemothanai, avowed hunters of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. In the company of a gaggle of artists and pilgrims, stalwart Mortal Sword Tulgord Vise, pious Well Knight Arpo Relent, stern Huntsman Steck Marynd, and three of the redoubtable Chanter brothers (and their lone sister) find themselves faced with the cruelest of choices. The legendary Crack’d Pot Trail, a stretch of harsh wasteland between the Gates of Nowhere and the Shrine of the Indifferent God, has become a tortured path of deprivation.

Will honor, moral probity, and virtue prove champions in the face of brutal necessity? No, of course not. Don’t be silly.

Fantastic Orgy by Carlton Mellick III

Over the past few decades, sexually transmitted diseases have evolved in unusual ways. Herpes, AIDS, Gonorrhea; these are all STDs of the past. These days, sexually transmitted diseases are more extreme and bizarre. Not exactly diseases anymore, they are more like sexually transmitted body modifications. There's an STD that changes your hair color, an STD that causes your toes to grow larger, one causes you to grow extra breasts on your body, another causes your skin to grow long metal spikes, and there's an especially annoying STD that causes you to ejaculate miniature eyeballs.

Tonight is Share Your STD Night at the Demon Seed Swingers Club. Although most members of society fear the idea of contracting these diseases, there are some underground deviants who embrace them. They believe the diseases make them strange, unique, and beautiful. So they come together once a month to trade their wonderful STDs with each other in a surreal, fantastical orgy. However, tonight will not be like other nights. There's a new disease spreading through the sex club, a disease that causes people to become rabid bloodthirsty killing machines. As the infected rampage through the Demon Seed, the survivors realize there's only one thing they can do to survive the night: turn their grotesque STDs into deadly super weapons.

The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Cantrell drops you into a vast, dark world: 100 miles of living, breathing, tunnels that is the New York City underground. This subterranean labyrinth inhales three million bustling commuters every day. And every day, it breathes them all out again... except for one. Software millionaire Joe Tesla is set to ring the bell on Wall Street the morning his company goes public. On what should be the brightest day in his life, he is instead struck with severe agoraphobia. The sudden dread of the outside is so debilitating, he can't leave his hotel at Grand Central Terminal, except to go underground.

Bad luck for Joe, because in the tunnels lurk corpses and murderers, an underground Victorian mansion and a mysterious bricked-up 1940s presidential train car. Joe and his service dog, Edison, find themselves pursued by villains and police alike, their only salvation now is to unearth the mystery that started it all, a deadly, contagious madness on the brink of escaping The World Beneath.


It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is another weekly meme, this time focused on what books are spending the most time in your hands and in your head, as opposed to what's been added to your shelf.

With an eye towards my scheduled reviews for the next few weeks, I'm currently turning pages with:

• The Summoning: A Supernatural Dark Fantasy by F.G. Cottam
The cover blurb promises danger, adventure and horrifying black magic in this epic dark fantasy. 

• Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence
It doesn't hit the shelves until June, but I just can't wait to visit the Broken Empire from a fresh perspective.

• Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
A good, solid fantasy, pretty much what I was hoping for, but not exactly a frantic page-turner.

What's topping your shelves this week?


  1. OK I am officially freaked out by the cover of Violet Eyes as I am totally arachnophobic...but the plot sounds GREAT! I might have to add this to wishlist. Happy reading!

    1. I think it's the spiders on top of flies that really creeps me out.

  2. I don't know whether to be delighted and amazed or horrified and shocked after reading that blurb for FANTASTIC ORGY :) It sure does sound original

    1. Mellick is usually all of those things at once, Dez. :)

  3. I haven't read any of these but happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  4. I can't say I've heard of these, but happy reading! My STS

  5. These are new to me but enjoy your new haul!

    OUT's STS

    Leydy from OUAT & RCE

  6. Okay, that cover of Violet Eyes really creeped me out! And it sounds really good too! I've added it to my TBR on Goodreads. Great haul!
    Check out my STS.

  7. I was excited to see that you liked Veil of the Deserters. Like I said on Twitter I just finished the first book a couple days ago and it was awesome. I like how you don't know what's going on right away, which usually isn't a storytelling approach I enjoy, but somehow Salyards made it work.


  8. Spiders! *screams* Whoa, I think Violet Eyes would be way too creepy for me. Enjoy your new haul!

    My post is HERE. Happy reading!

  9. Interesting collection. Enjoy!

  10. A few creep covers again, well, the Mellick book was creepy and funny!
    I hope you enjoy them all!

  11. Your books always have scary covers. :)

    ENJOY all your reads.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday


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