Bizarro Review: Boston Posh by Wol-vriey

Boston Posh by Wol-vriey
Paperback, Frist, 484 pages
Published December 8th 2013 by Burning Bulb Publishing


Boston Posh: A Bud Malone Thriller!
Why are the white robots trying to kill Malone?

In 2028 AD, the USA is a nation ravaged by hungry dragons and dinosaurs.

In Boston, Massachusetts, private eye Bud Malone is hired to rescue a kidnapped heiress. But nothing is as it seems.

Malone works to unravel a tangled web involving Boston Chinatown, a 200-year-old woman with a 9-year-old body, white humanoid robots, a human-liver-eating psychopath, a golem, a porcelain dragon, and a snake goddess with a crush on him.

There's also a woman obsessed with chicken sex.

Then Malone meets Posh Lane, a gorgeous call girl who's desperate to quit her pimp. Romantic sparks ignite between Posh and Malone, but Posh's past suddenly catches up with her in a BIG way.

To save Posh, Malone agrees to run a quest for Earth's new rulers, the Forks. The quest: recover ex US president Jefferson Lincoln's liver for them.

Malone has no idea that agreeing to the Fork's odd request will send him on the weirdest trip he's ever been on in his life.

Boston Posh. A total mindf*ck. Reality like you've never dared imagine it!

This isn't well-behaved young adult fiction. It is not intended for children, either. This is a graphically violent, EXTREMELY sexually graphic/depraved, quite sick book (in places) . . . seriously, not for the innocent. SERIOUSLY. Er . . . you've been warned.


The man who defines weird returns with a 400 page Bizarro tale, that takes place in the state capital of the town I grew up in.

Do you like chicken straight off the cutting board? Or how bout liver? And that pre-packaged garbage at the grocery store? Human liver. Assuming no one raised their hand to the second one, lets go in to more details.

Boston 2026 is over-taken by dragons and dinosaurs (I kept picturing Super Mario brother alternative Brooklyn, but without the plumbers), pimps, strange sexual situations, and a group of cutlery who is saying "Fork the world and everyone in it"

Just read this. Wol-vriey's work doesn't even need a synopsis - if you read his other books you know you're in for a ride. If not, start here and hang on to your jaw, because it may drop to the floor.

(as posted by Donald on Goodreads)