Journeying Three Miles Past with Stephen Graham Jones (#bookreview)

Three Miles Past by Stephen Graham Jones
Paperback, 236 pages
Nightscape Press (December 23, 2012)


A collection of three powerfully disturbing novellas by multiple award-winning author, Stephen Graham Jones.

There are lines that probably shouldn't be crossed, doors that should stay shut, thoughts that shouldn't be considered. In these three novellas by Stephen Graham Jones, the dead talk, ancient evil opens its eyes, and that guy across the parking lot, he's watching you, and has been for a while now.

Lock the door, tell yourself it's nothing, turn the radio up. It won't matter. You're already three miles past where you meant to stop.


I received a free copy of Three Miles Past from Nightscape Press in exchange for review. And in picking Stephen Graham Jones' book, just recognizing his name was a pick I didn't regret.

"Interstate Love Affair" is Highway to Hell murders just pouring out over a stretch of highway out somewhere like Nevada.

"The Coming of Night" is told like a choose your own adventure story. A murderer's survivalist that Jones takes to another level of must read entertainment.

I will be sure to read more from Stephen Graham Jones.

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