Vegan Zombie Apocalypse by Wol-vriey (REVIEW)

Vegan Zombie Apocalypse by Wol-vriey
Paperback, First, 322 pages
Published April 16th 2013 by Burning Bulb Publishing


Fear not mankind, the omniscient God Necro proclaims that your tasty brains will be safe from the ravenous undead during the impending zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately for most of you, however, the enlightened zombie hoard plans to herd you like cattle on their potato plantations and use your fertile bodies to grow their specialized blood veggies.

Only by prostrating yourself before the Great Necro can you join forces with other faithful necros and defend humanity from the ever encroaching zombie invasion. But it won’t be easy, especially if you’ve just escaped from the vegfarm – and you already have the cattle brand on your forehead and the telltale potato vines sprouting from your body.

Bounty-hunting zombinators, flying cleaver-laden helicopters and cockrockets, will soon be hot on your trail as you race toward the Promised Land and the sanctuary that is known as the Republic of Texas.

Not only is “Vegan Zombie Apocalypse” one of the most bizarre stories ever conceived, but its universal appeal should extend far beyond its bizarro fan base. Enthusiasts of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and especially zombie fiction lovers, should relish this book, even though it ventures into the dark realm of the extraordinarily grotesque at times… many times actually.


The world in Wolvie's mind, population Zombie. He does it again - Wol-vriey drops a zombie story without the boring "eat brains" cliché. Instead we have Vegan Zombies who feed on blood potatoes, grown in Vegfarms.

As the story unfolds, a multikey is stolen, and the even more bizarre comes into play. Zombies with zippered private parts, doors in the shape of female sexual organs, sex with maggots, and even a Humansauras.

Fans of Wol-vriey will be struck again with wonders and new readers . . . I suggest you hang on for one hell of a ride.

(as posted by Donald on Goodreads)


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