Interview with Tamara Romero (Bizarro author of Her Fingers)

Tamara Romero comes to the New Bizarro Author Series (NBAS) hosted by Eraserhead Press of weird fiction. It showcases strange fiction by unknown authors who may not get a chance with other publishing companies.

About the Book:
A red-haired witch with steel fingers, dragged unconscious from the currents of the Adrenaline River. An isolated researcher suffering from a disease called, the Gag. Covens of stoned witches dancing to techno in the forest. A punk whose specialty is replacing body parts with metal replicas. Sleepwalkers who don't want to wake. Trees hiding a filthy secret--the result of a perverse dictator's mind. A pink spy-swan, monitoring every move. A lyrical, dark and charming bizarro story of intrigue and discovery from a dimension just beyond ours

About Author:
Tamara Romero was born in Barcelona. She has worked as a TV producer, a bartender in a metal bar, a press manger for comics publishing house, and a writer and freelance editor at an erotic film company. Now she writes weird fiction and goes to the movies. This is her first book. Her book also has a discussion going on now at

Our very own Donald Armfield sat down for a chat with Tamara, to talk about Her Fingers, her writing, and more . . .

Q. This didn't seam like the typical bizzaro read, was this story originally a fantasy?

If something can be called a typical anything, then it’s not very exciting. The point is to surprise and confound. I wrote this four years before I even learned about bizarro. When I was told it qualified, I was more than happy to agree.

Q. How did you find you way to the strange grounds of Bizarro Fiction?

First: Goodreads. That site is fantastic to find out about new books. And then I went and met these people in Portland, Oregon, in the strange netherworld of inventive invective and crazy coffin vision and felt right at home.

Q. Do you kinda have an infatuation with witches, or just decided to write about one?

For legal reasons, I cannot answer this question. BUT! when I wrote Her Fingers I had just ended reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and I loved the character of Morgana Le Fey. She was a big influence for my witch, Misadora. Now I have my own coven.

Q. What's is a couple of the strangest things you have ever read?

The weirdest fiction you’ll ever read is usually found in government forms and applications. And terms and conditions on the back of metro tickets give me the giggles. Completely useless for publication, but whaddareyougonnado. As for novels, one of the strangest texts I’ve read is Veniss Underground by Jeff Vandermeer. I loved that novel!

Q. An erotic film company, I love erotica reads lately did you enjoy that job?

I did, actually! My job was mostly related to erotic books (not movies): writing, editing… I don’t read erotica at all anymore, but one of my favorite novels happens to be Story of O.

Q. How about something funny, straight out bizarre off the top of your head?

I ain’t no right wing or left wing or in the middle I am a real fed up American and call it as I see it.

Q. What helps you get in the mood for writing?

A bottle of gin for breakfast.

Q. Whats next for Tamara Romero?

A bottle of gin. And also supporting Her Fingers out there and writing some new short fiction. I’m also working on a detectives novel. Awkward detectives.

A huge thanks to Tamara for stopping by!