P is for Pendergast . . . and Platinum Blonde (#AtoZChallenge)

The A to Z Challenge is a daily meme posting every day (except Sundays) in April. Check out the list of 1500+ participants below and follow along for 26 days (and 26 letters) of fun. The 2-letter code after each blog name may help narrow your choices - (BO) is Books, (WR) is Writing, (PH) is Photography . . . and, if you're concerned about those NSFW pages, (AC) is Adult Content.

For my theme, I'm going with a little author/title alliteration.

Today's challenge post is brought to you by the letter P, as in the Pendergast series, from Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. Aloysius Xingú Leng Pendergast quickly made the jump from supporting character in Relic and Reliquary to the main character in The Cabinet of Curiosities. Imagine, if you will, a reclusive, eccentric, genius of an investigator - a modern day Sherlock Holmes, if you will - investigating cases the likes of which might be found anywhere from The X-Files to Criminal Minds. He is a brilliant creation, and the stories are as fascinating as they are gruesome. There is an element of formula involved, but it is the character of Pendergast who elevates the books above their competition.

While his first 6 novels are largely standalone tales, Preston and Child gave him a pair of longer story arcs in the Diogenes Trilogy and the Helen Trilogy.

The musical accompaniment for the day comes to us courtesy of Platinum Blonde. Perhaps best know for their first two albums, I went with the title track from their third album, the one so carefully crafted to garner international acclaim, but which fell victim of a time in which new wave rock was on its way out. Still around, with a new album out last year, these guys are just stellar songwriters and musicians.


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