M is for Monster Skin . . . and Marilyn Manson (#AtoZChallenge)

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For my theme, I'm going with a little author/title alliteration.

Today's challenge post is brought to you by the letter M, as in Monster Skin by Melancton Hawks. This is an altogether odd title that I first came across in a Goodreads giveaway. While I didn't win, it intrigued me enough to buy a copy for myself. The cover blurb "invites you to discover a neon flavored New York City populated by fashion mavericks, sex toy queens, hackers, politicians, ninjas, monsters, gods, maniacs, and angry, dysfunctional teenagers" while referencing things like "Psycho Sexual vampires" a covert "Bush Administration plot."

The musical accompaniment for the day comes to us courtesy of Marilyn Manson, who seems an appropriate choice to provide background music for this read. Rather than go with one of his 'big' hits, however, I'm going to go back to my favourite track from his debut album.


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  1. Monster skin and Manson seem to go together
    nice to meet you through A to Z
    Lady's Knight


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