I is for Ice Song . . . and Iron Maiden (A to Z Challenge)

The A to Z Challenge is a daily meme posting every day (except Sundays) in April. Check out the list of 1500+ participants below and follow along for 26 days (and 26 letters) of fun. The 2-letter code after each blog name may help narrow your choices - (BO) is Books, (WR) is Writing, (PH) is Photography . . . and, if you're concerned about those NSFW pages, (AC) is Adult Content.

For my theme, I'm going with a little author/title alliteration.

Today's challenge post is brought to you by the letter I, as in Ice Song by Kirsten Imani Kasai. Okay, so it's a bit of a cheat, since Imani is her middle name, but it works. Ice Song is one of those long-lingering titles from my TBR pile. Rather than try to explain the appeal, take a gander at the opening (and this is just the opening, mind you) paragraph of the cover blurb:

Sorykah Minuit is a scholar, an engineer, and the sole woman aboard an ice-drilling submarine in the frozen land of the Sigue. What no one knows is that she is also a Trader: one who can switch genders suddenly, a rare corporeal deviance universally met with fascination and superstition and all too often punished by harassment or death.

So, we have a very dark fantasy set in a world of environmental degradation and genetic mutation, with ice-drilling submarines, and heroes/heroines who can shift gender at will. I like originality in my reading, and I can definitely say I've never read a fantasy quite like this.

To borrow an idea from several bloggers I've been visiting on the challenge, I've included a little musical accompaniment for the day, courtesy of Iron Maiden. There are so many songs I could have chosen from, but I've gotta go with the highlight of their '88 concept album, Can I Play With Madness - a killer track, with an awesome video.


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  2. Iron Maiden! Very cool. Long live Eddie.


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