F is for Fool's Gold (A to Z Challenge)

The A to Z Challenge is daily meme posting every day (except Sundays) in April. Check out the list of 1500+ participants below and follow along for 26 days (and 26 letters) of fun. The 2-letter code after each blog name may help narrow your choices - (BO) is Books, (WR) is Writing, (PH) is Photography . . . and, if you're concerned about those NSFW pages, (AC) is Adult Content.

For my theme, I'm going with a little author/title alliteration.

Today's challenge post is brought to you by the letter F, as in Jude Fisher, author of Fool's Gold. This is another one from the to-be-read pile, the final chapter of a solid, if not spectacularly stunning, series. The setting and the clan conflicts that drove the first two books wore a little thin, but they had some great characters and an interesting mythology. It sounds as if she saved the best part of the story for the last chapter, and I'm curious to see if the final payoff is worth the wait, but it's likely going to have to wait for a summer weekend since there hasn't been an e-book release.


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  1. My daughter is reading this book and loves it.

    Dropping in from A to Z. This is my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist


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