WIN the VERY FIRST copy of Guy Gavriel Kay’s RIVER OF STARS

To celebrate the worldwide launch of Guy Gavriel Kay’s forthcoming River of Stars, Penguin Canada is auctioning the first book of the first print run, autographed by the author. Signed and verified by the printer and the publisher, this first copy includes a product identification slip and letter from the printing press identifying the book as the first copy printed of the first edition.

Come on, really, how cool is that!

The auction runs from March 1 to March 8, 2013 and is currently sitting at $217.50 for the winning bid.

All proceeds from the auction are being donated to Indigo Books & Music, Inc.’s Love of Reading Fund, which directly supports high-needs elementary school literacy programs across Canada.

Inspired by the glittering and decadent Song Dynasty, River of Stars immerses us into an epic tale of prideful emperors, battling courtiers, nomadic invasions and of a woman fighting to find her place in the world. Guy Gavriel Kay, once again, astonishes with his skilled balance of fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and literary style and craft that results in an unforgettable journey destined to be one of his greatest achievements to date.


  1. love the blurb and the title of the book and the cause of the auction is also very nice!


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