Canada Day Blog Hop WINNER

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everybody who stopped by for the Canada Day Blog Hop. It was (by far) the most popular post I've done to date, and one which has introduced me to a wide range of friends and followers.

I did draw the winner yesterday morning, as promised, but wanted to wait for confirmation before announcing it. Our big winner literally just got back to me, and even if I 'm a bit disappointed that he wants to remain anonymous, I love what he plans to do with the books.

Mr. D (as I 'll refer to him) is a Canadian who moved down south a few years ago to help with the clean-up from Hurricane Katrina. He quickly fell in love with the people there and, after 40+ winters of snow and cold in the prairies, decided it might be nice to stick around. Even with the relatively warm, snow-free winter we just had, I honestly can't say that I blame him!

While he hasn 't ruled out an eventual return home, he is quite content to remain in his adopted home . . . which brings us to the books.

In an effort to not only help rebuild, but to also inject a little Canadian culture, he has chosen to donate the books to his local library. So, thanks to his generosity, the literary ambassadors of Kay, Erikson, Czerneda, and Huff will be making the move south, hopefully to win over an entirely new audience.

Very nice, Mr. D. Very nice indeed.


  1. Injecting a little Canadiana is always a good thing.


  2. happy canada day fireworks

  3. This sounds like fun. Looking forward to next year. Happy IWSG.


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