Retro Saturday Geek-Out at the NFCC

So, we had a retro geek-out day today at the Niagara Falls Comic Con. Considering the convention first saw life last year as tiny ad-hoc affair, squeezed into the corners at Dave & Busters on Clifton Hill, the 27,000 square foot set-up at the Scotiabank Convention Centre was a pretty impressive full-scale debut.

Coming into the hall, the first thing we encountered was a trio of R2-D2 droids, followed by a pair of Stormtroopers.

On display at the back of the hall was the original Batmobile and (my personal favourite) Doc Brown's DeLorean.

We weren't about to pay $20 a pop for photos with any of the celebrities (apparently the wrestlers were charging $30!), but it was easy enough to snap a shot or two over somebody's shoulder.

Burt Ward (TV's Robin).

Robert Picardo (Voyager's holographic Doctor)

Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface)

Of course, there were a virtual plethora of comic book and collectible vendors, some with some amazing bits of nostalgia to offer. I was sorely tempted to blow my day's budget on this alien Visitor from the original 'V' miniseries, but somehow managed to keep my wallet in my pants.

Can't say I'd heard of the Dead Glamour Girlz before today, but I couldn't resist snapping this shot of them hanging out with a Ghostbuster.

The local cable television crew was on-hand, well into the spirit of things with a Princess Leia and a Bartman. Definitely an odd couple . . . but not the oddest we encountered.

Not sure why he was so popular, but there had to be at least a half dozen Boba Fett clones walking around, including an entire family of them.

Unfortunately, he'd run out of books for the day, but I did have a good chat with Wayne Mallows, author of Whitechapel Road. He's got a really interesting take on vampires, so I'm curious to give the first book of his trilogy a read.

On the vendor side of things, I really liked the clothing from Nekrotic (particularly their Ram Man shirt), and Bev Hogue's work really caught my eye. The ZombieBit.Me gang was pretty interesting, and the 40rty Grit work was fantastic.Oh, and we got a signed poster of Red Squirrel, so here's hoping Gordon gets his publishing deal and becomes a HUGE success!

All-in-all, a good day a good deal. Definitely looking forward to seeing what next year brings.