EXPLORATION: Schoellkopf Power Station (Part 2 - The Payoff)

For the first part of the exploration, showing how we got down to the plant (and what we found along the way), please check out Part 1 - The Approach.

As I said then, I'll let the photos speak for themselves . . .

The roar was awesome. It looked as if the whole gorge wall had opened up like the side of a skyscraper down it came. Rocks and masonry burst into the air splitting into thousands of pieces and pelted the river like shrapnel. And a few fell on the Canadian side. A jet stream of water was unleashed. Three violent blasts followed. The river turned a sickly brown. White smoke poured upward from the gaping gorge mouth and the resounding echo died
[Thanks to Thunder Alley for compiling the news reports of the day, nearly 60 years ago]