EXPLORATION: Schoellkopf Power Station (Part 1 - The Approach)

The Schoellkopf Power Station is one of those almost mythical locations that have obsessed me since my early childhood days. Every time we drove\along the Niagara Parkway or took the Rainbow Bridge over to Niagara Falls NY, it called to me. I could see the ruined architecture clinging tenuously to the wall of the escarpment, the darkened tunnels leading to hidden wonders I could only dream of . . . and the sheer, seemingly unclimbable wall that not even my father (who got me hooked in hiking and exploring) knew how to traverse.

I was determined that, someday, I would find a way down there to explore the ruins. That day came this summer, and it all started with a sign - a closed sign, yes, but a sign that we were on the right path.

The hike down was an interesting one, beginning with a peek into some nearby ruins of the water treatment plant.

Further down the trail we found the usual assortment of junked cars, along with some  wheels that I suspect are remnants of the old railway that used to run along the river.

Our first glimpse of the ruins themselves was far overhead, nearly hidden within the trees, but it stopped us dead in our tracks. After an hour of hiking, we knew we were close.

When we turned the next corner, and saw the gaping mouths stretched along the river, we knew we had made it.

From there . . . well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

. . . to be continued.


  1. Hello.

    my names is james and i happen to come across your page on the old power plant in niagara falls new york. i Currently i live in niagara falls and have lived here my whole life. i hike the trails as much as i can and when i found out that the remains of the power plant was on one of the trails i had to go and check it out. i have seen many storey about this place and have seen pic that people have taken but none of them are like the pic i have. Have you ever wondered what the inside of the power plant looks like now??? well i can tell you. i have been inside the power plant and it is a cool but scary sight. Their are many cave like areas of the power plant all across Trail #3 but olney 1 will take you inside. Now i haven't been real deep in the plant but i have been in pretty far. you enter right off to the right side of the water over flow and u are about 6 to 8 inches under ground. as u walk in you get more and more Deep in to the plant. Alot of it is under what is believed to be about 10 foot of water. I have many pic of the power plant and i even have a pic of one of the old Generators i found. I Even found a Tunnel that is way off in the bush that no one has ever seen before. i believe it use to be a train tunnel or maybe a road. however their are marks in the mud that makes it look like train beams use to sit their. If you want to more on my story let me no.

    James Dye


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