Monday Morning Musings - Genre News Wrap-up

I tend to read a lot of genre sites over my morning Coke and donuts (yeah, breakfast of champions, I know!), so I thought I'd get in the habit of sharing the more interesting tidbits once a week.

The always interesting folks over at io9 have a zombie apocalypse unfolding via mock updates from CNN, Al-Jazeera, and the Wall Street Journal (click here); sunken treasure at the bottom of New York Harbor that just screams out of a Clive Cussler adventure (click here); and a link to Charles Stross' article predicting the next 30 years of technology, prejudice, and sex (click here).

Meanwhile, the equally interesting (yet far less active) folks over at Blastr have teased Doctor Who's new companion (click here); revealed the details of a new BBC monster/sci-fi series called The Fades (click here); confirmed that Spielberg produce but not direct Jurassic Park 4 (click here); and have put together a great collection of books from classic novels and TV shows that we only wish existed (click here).

The good folks over at have an update on their fan-voted Stubby Awards, which currently sees the bewildering combination of The All-Pro by Scott Sigler and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss with a commanding lead (click here); a wrap-up on their tribute to David Bowie week (click here); and yet another look at the latest photo of Johnny Deep from Tim Burton's take on Dark Shadows (click here).

Finally, picked up from my Google+ feed, we have a price reduction on the remaining limited edition copies of the Clive Barker exploration Memory, Prophecy, Fantasy (click here); and some free short story reads courtesy of Jeremy C. Shipp (click here). Enjoy!